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Time for BOOT CAMP!

I LOVE Boot Camps! I mean who doesn't, right? Music, sweat, fat burn, calorie burn, muscle strength and cardio all in one very social hour! It is the best bang for your buck when it comes to workouts.

Boot camps mostly incorporate "functional training". Exercises that mimic everyday life activities like bending down and picking something up from the floor... otherwise known as a "squat and lift".

The best boot camps have some sort of "Personal Training" too. That is a certified personal trainer giving you proper cues, modifications for advance moves and explanations for exercises as they pertain to muscle groups.

Another cool option about Boot Camps is you can have advanced athletes and less experienced participants have an equally great workout in one class. An experienced personal trainer leading the class can have just about any fitness level in a class because of "modification cues". The trainer can instruct one participant to do a very advanced move while having another do a modified version of that same move.

Also, there is the group setting that is very helpful to class participants when it comes to motivation. Motivation is easy when you know you have a large group of people waiting for YOUR participation!

Please join me at my upcoming Boot Camp right here in McHenry County.

Check my website for details!

Best of Health to You!


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